What EV Means in Poker – Raise Wisely

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EV in gambling?

EV is short for expected value, a term used to describe the average amount of money that a particular play is expected to net you in the long run. When a play is expected to be profitable, it’s referred to as +EV, while -EV refers to negative expectations. 

How do you calculate expected value in poker?

You don’t necessarily need a poker EV calculator to figure this out. You simply need to know the cost of entering the pot along with the probability of winning and the overall value of the pot. 

What is EV chop in poker?

In a game of poker, chopping the blinds is a custom carried out in situations where all players fold to the blinds before the flop. The blinds remove all bets, which ends the hand. 

What does plus EV mean?

If probability dictates that a poker player will likely win more money than he initially bet, then the play is considered to have positive expectations or +EV. 

What is all-in EV?

In order to answer this question, you also need to be sure you can answer: what is EV in poker? Our article clearly explains this forward-looking concept, which is used to describe the average return on what the player puts in the pot. The All-in-EV refers to the adjusting of results based on the actual hands shown during a game.