Privacy Policy

The following text explains how Liberty Gambling uses and safeguards all of the data gathered about its users and visitors. Information on this page pertains to the collection and processing of sensitive and personally identifiable user data.

What Information Do We Collect?

Sensitive personally identifiable information collected by our website includes but may not be limited to your name and email address. Such information is collected only with express consent from our users and website visitors.

We may also collect other non-sensitive data, such as the number of unique and repeated visits to our website, user behavior, computer IP addresses, and other statistical information. We use automatic data collection tools (cookies) to gather information that is used strictly for improving the user experience on the site. For more details about cookies and how we use them, refer to our Cookie Policy below. 

Our site often provides links to third-party websites and casinos that are operated by separate entities. As per our Terms and Conditions, we cannot protect your sensitive personally identifiable or other information should you choose to share it with those websites.

How Do We Use the Collected Information?

Any information we collect is used solely for the purposes outlined below. These are always clearly communicated whenever we ask you to provide us with any information. The website will never send you any promotional or advertising content via the provided email address without express consent to do so. Data collected on our website is only used for the following:

  • To identify user behavior patterns and tailor the browsing experience to the needs of our users
  • To be able to address any questions or concerns about the content available on our website
  • To settle any arguments, complaints, or disputes that are within our power and jurisdiction¬†

Whom Do We Share the Collected Information With? will never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any of the information gathered about our website visitors or users. These are the only circumstances under which we may disclose personally identifiable information that was collected: 

  • In order to protect the intellectual property and rights of
  • If local state or federal laws compel us to do so
  • If we detect fraudulent or illicit activity by our users or website visitors
  • If our visitors or users show signs of threatening or harmful behavior towards other website visitors, users, administrators, or owners

Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny files that our web server places on your storage devices. Each cookie is uniquely assigned to a user and cannot infect your computer or run any sort of backdoor software on it. Cookies are completely safe to use, and their only purpose is customizing how you view and experience the website. For this reason, most browsers have cookies enabled by default, but you can turn them off if you wish. To do so, you will need to change some internal settings in your browser. Also, be aware that doing so affects the ability of any website, including ours, to tailor the user experience to your preferences.

Disabling Cookies

The process of switching cookies off varies between different browsers. The following links contain information on how to disable and get rid of cookies with six of the most popular web browsers on the market.