What Is Rake in Poker and How to Know if it’s Fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rake in poker in Vegas?

At this moment, the lowest rake in Las Vegas is $3 maximum per pot, while the maximum rake is $5 per pot.

Why is taking a rake in poker illegal?

Since poker players gamble to claim each other’s money, the game organizers need to charge a fee to generate revenue. Taking a rake in poker is illegal if the party taking the rake doesn’t have the adequate gaming licenses and permits. On the other hand, playing poker for money at a private establishment isn’t illegal, provided there is no rake. If you’re still wondering what is a rake in poker, you probably don’t know that the instant you rake the pot, it’s no longer a private game but a serious gambling venture that requires the correct licensing and oversight.

What is the rake on PokerStars?

As of 2012, PokerStars has been using the linear rake system, which starts raking from the first cent. Although this may seem like bad news for regular players, this move meant PokerStars lowered its 5% rake and the size of the rake caps. With a set amount of rake and by lowering overall rake levels, PokerStars is still the site with the lowest rake online.